Assuring Your Human Rights!

Your new "police force" has the duty of promoting human rights and protecting against the violation of those rights.

The real "Top Cops"

Human Rights Policy Officers are not the real top cops just because they represent the highest law of the world. The corrupt police force labeled "top cops" as those who shot up and arrested the most "bad guys", but Human Rights Policy Officers are the top cops because they put the people in a prosperous condition that in itself eliminates crime. Prosperous people have no urge to rob, steal or commit crimes. Self-determination is a human right which allows people to give themselves reparations which causes instant prosperity. Human Rights Policy Officers exist to make sure everyone enjoys this right. If any government entity attempts to forcibly deny assertion of the right of self-determination then Human Rights Policy Officers have the right to use "any means necessary" to defeat that unlawful opposition.
HRPO putting people in homes
Ram Corey n Jamel
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The primary action of human rights policy officers is to make the public aware of their human rights..

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Once people are knowledgeable about their human rights or as they are becoming aware, officers implement programs for them to enjoy their rights.

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The last call of duty is for officers to be on guard against any violations of the people's human rights.


The People of Jackson Need You NOW!

Human Rights Policy Officers are needed to execute the emergency referendum for independence and to stand in defense against any unlawful opposition.

Apply by filling out the form below and call  1 888.999.6530