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It is espoused in law that Afrodescendants (African-Americans, Blacks), like all peoples, have the Right of Self-Determination. This means that wherever Afrodescendants live they can collectively make a decision to take independent political control over that area and institute new policies. Organized collective consent to assert the right of self-determination leaves federal and state government officials with no authority to execute harmful policies. Please register below if you do not consent to White racist control over Jackson, gentrification, systemic poverty, and injustice but you consent to independence, free housing, reparations and pardoning of petty crimes related to poverty.

Under Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, I choose to assert my right of self-determination as an Afrodescendant or indigenous person and vote that Jackson, Mississippi become independent of current federal and state government. I consent to Human Rights Policy Officers' humanitarian intervention to execute new reparations and social-economic policies via the current Mayor and elected officials if they are in agreement.

Below you can download the ballot to have many people sign. Once completed you can contact the hotline to find the nearest drop off location or scan or take pictures of the forms then upload via the button below.

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