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Researched with the right intentions

One read of the facts about current viruses and vaccinations and you will easily discover the motivation of profitmaking. It is "commercial concern" instead of "common good". Both virus and vaccine are patented in order to maximize full profit potential. Therefore when there is a search for a solution to a health problem, things that can't be patented are ignored for use alone until that natural substance can be altered with manmade chemicals that will render it able to be patented. That attitude seems to make sense from a for-profit business viewpoint.

The ANTIVIRUS formula is made of naturally occurring  substances that can't be patented. The intention behind research, development, and now distribution is to eradicate disease even if at a cost to ourselves. Though there is no such thing as a cost when you are saving lives which includes your own.

ANTIVIRUS has undergone seven years of research and development to reach this point. Research behind ANTIVIRUS was assisted by some of the very valuable studies sponsored by those who had other motivations than just helping people survive. Those heavily funded studies pinpointed natural substances such as virucidal minerals that were effective in inhibiting viruses. Our live cases have proven that the ANTIVIRUS formula is effective in fighting sickness. We also welcome governments and research institutions to apply for a free sample to study.

We are blending ancient solutions
with modern production.

Thousands of years ago healers such as the ayurvedic practitioners of India reduced minerals into small bioactive particles that could be used to heal or enhance physical capabilities . Today those small particles are called "nano". Nano-minerals are utilized in ANTIVIRUS to bring to you the safest and most effective fighter against disease.


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